Masatoshi Nishiguchi

Ruby - Date Range PORO

Rails, PostgreSQL - Trigram Search

Rails - what to do after installing webpacker

Rails - Application URI

Rails - simple loading icon

Rails Active Records - where, where-not and nil

Rails - form object

Rails 5 - flash message using iziToast

Ruby - USA State PORO

JS - Parameterize String

Netlify - media folder

Jekyll notes

Rspec retry

Rails hash camelize and underscore keys

Rails asset bundles and page specific js

React disable submit event triggered by pressing the enter key

Rails devise edit user account without requiring password

Rails using a forked gem

Rails optimizing app performance

Ruby Hash#fetch, Hash#delete, Hash#slice, Hash#except

Ruby file operations

Rake tasks basics


Rails Devise scoped views

Stopping Rails server

Rails CSV import and export

Mongoose basics

Document-oriented database

Mongodb troubleshooting

Brief introduction to Turbolinks 5

Flexbox notes

Capybara - clicking icon links

Updating a list with Ajax in Rails

Git rebase

Friendly forwarding in Rails

Caching in rails 5

Active Record Relation - new vs build

Select values through many to many relationship in active record

Autocomplete form in Rails

Adding Ajax to forms in Rails

Nested routes in Rails

Many-to-many relationship in Rails

Custom routes in Rails

Creating models in Rails

Search form using pg_search gem

Detecting enter key pressed in JavaScript

Using ES6 with browserify-rails

Simple custom grid system

Updating an object to database in Rails

Rails generate memo

PostgreSQL memo

Column indexing and unique column constraints in Rails

Setting up Minitest in Rails

Undoing things in Rails

Setting up Rails development environment (OS X)

RVM memo

Heroku troubleshooting

Deploying Rails app to Heroku

Creating a new Rails app

Jekyll related page list

Modal dialog with pure CSS

Jekyll tags

Web design is fun to learn

Simple bash script to create a new git project repository

Awesome work experience at API

Learning Web design

First sunrise 2016

Learning JavaScipt

My first blog