Masatoshi Nishiguchi
Software Engineer

Learning JavaScipt


Recently I started reading about JavaScript to learn it more in depth because I am curious about JavaScript frameworks. They seem powerful in creating amazing user interfaces. Also, there is no reason for me not to learn JavaScript as a web developer. I see so many new libraries or frameworks coming out constantly and just want to keep up with new technologies.

Previously I was using CoffeeScript when I build Rails applications, but most of the time I can solve problems on the server side and tend to seek solutions by writing Ruby code, which prevented me from studying JavaScript seriously.

As a result of reading several articles about JavaScript, I am interested in learning:

To start with, I just started learning AngularJS. I heard it is transitioning towards next version which will be very different from AngularJS. First I am planning to learn basics about AngularJS, then at the same time, I will keep watch on the new Angular. Eventually, I will do Angular 2 with TypeScript.

At the same time, I want to deepen my understanding of Ruby, Rails and Sinatra.