Masatoshi Nishiguchi

Masatoshi Nishiguchi Web Developer

I am passionate about building maintainable web applications using Ruby on Rails and React. I am originally from Japan, but currently live in Washington DC, United States.

I am good at

writing maintainable clean code in Ruby and Javascript.

I know and enjoy

Android, Angular.js, C++, Design Patterns, Elasticsearch, Elixir, GIMP, Git, Heroku, HTML5, Java, Jekyll, jQuery, Kotlin, Linux, Netlify, Object-Oriented Programming, Phoenix, PostgreSQL, React, RSpec, Ruby, SASS, Wordpress, and more.


Web developer

Currently I am a web developer at Greater Washington Publishing.

2016 - present

Web Development Immersive

I joined a bootcamp at General Assembly to expand my field of expertise towards modern web application development. I fine-tuned all my skill-sets so that I will be ready for contributing to the tech communities.

I was trained in MVC frameworks, data modeling, test driven development, and agile methodologies. Aso, I acquired industry common best practices in object oriented design and programming.


Web Development Assistant

At American Petroleum Institute (API), I assisted the dev team in debugging HTML and CSS for each page of the organization’s new website. I searched for invalid code and broken links that potentially existed in the project’s code and resolved those issues appropriately. Also, I performed redirect mapping between the old site and the new site.



I designed a WordPress theme and set it up on the server for a client.


Computer Science

Without hesitation, I enrolled in a Computer Science program at University of the District of Columbia to complement my self-directed learning. I was able to fortify my programming skills with better understanding of operating systems and data structures through intense programming trainings for C++ and Java. I also developed basic web design and graphic designing skills using Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Here are some of the UDC’s excellent courses that I enjoy most:

  • Data Structures Using C++ (Professor: Joel Belcher)
  • Web Design (Professor: Rachid Mrad)
  • Digital Applications / Desktop Publishing

2014 - 2016

Mobile Development (Android)

When I became comfortable with problem solving in coding, I started to want to create something concrete using my programming skills, and I decided to learn Android application development using Java. I learned it through the following resources:

Then I made it to publish an app on the Google Play:


Self-directed Coding

Shortly after moving to the United States, I met a professional programmer at a rock climbing gym. His passion for coding inspired me to research the field.

I not only realized that programming was the career field that I was interested in pursuing, but also realized that my past education and job experiences were, in a sense, bread crumbs leading to a career in programming.

My IT-pro friends recommended me a few online courses such as Harvard’s CS50. Since I started programming, I completed several online courses. I really appreciate the generosity of the industry. I feel like now is time to contribute back to the community in return.

Early on, Harvard’s CS50 and Codeacademy helped me absorb basic concepts of programming and computer science. I was able to gain understanding of how computer software works, insight into data structures and basic knowledge of several programming languages (C, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Ruby, Python, etc)


Customer Service Coordinator

I moved to the United States and started working for the Washington, DC office of Japan’s largest export-import company, Nippon Express. I was in charge of coordinating transporting household goods between Washington and Japan.

2011 - 2013

Sales and Engineering

Because of my desire to use my counseling skills to work in sales and my burgeoning interest in technology, I sought and landed a job as a salesperson with ESTIC, an industrial machinary corporation in central Japan. In this role, I promoted hand-held, high-precision nutrunner systems to Japan’s top auto-makers, including Toyota and Honda. I acquired not only sales and customer service skills, but also some insight into mechanical and software engineering through working with clients and in-house engineers.

2006 - 2011


At Waikato Institute of Technology in New Zealand, I obtained a certificate in Counseling. As part of my Counseling major, I assisted young people experiencing difficulties with empowerment, coping and self-care to identify best solutions for moving forward and progressing in life.

Counseling skills can be useful in programming when working with clients to assist them in identifying their programming needs and collaboratively working with the clients to deliver a quality and meaningful product.

2003 - 2005


At Aichi Shukutoku University in Japan, I majored in Linguistics, with a specialization in Syntax.

Syntactical analysis is performed in our natural languages when we analyze each part of the sentence and how it functions within the sentence. Computer language does a similar thing via lexical analysis.

Because both syntactical analysis and lexical analysis are similar, understanding how natural languages work is useful in understanding computer languages.

1996 - 2000